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CFIP and PWPA managing a project to increase the Philippine Furniture Industry access international markets. The major export markets of the US, Europe and Australia are all asking for timber products to be clearly verified as coming from a legal origin. All those exporting from the Philippines to these premium markets need to comply.

To assist in the process in 2015, with the support of FAO, CFIP drafted a Guidebook to identify how the industry in the Philippines can help exporters meet these requirements. For the last 3 years the draft Guidebook has been a useful tool for all those wanting to demonstrate compliance with the regulations of the Philippines. CFIP has now further support from FAO to update and finalise the Guidebook.

CFIP is looking for consultants with knowledge and experience in international timber regulations to support them in this process, the work required involves at least 45 days over the next 6 months. The successful candidates must demonstrate:

An understanding of the requirements of the Due Diligence process required by the European Timber Regulations (EUTR)

An understanding of the regulatory framework in the Philippines

An understanding of the main domestic and international sources of timber entering the Philippine timber supply chain

An understanding of how a Due Diligence system will support and enhance any national system of timber certification and progress to any future Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU,

A knowledge of the import requirements for the US and other important export markets for the Philippines,

The ability to support the production of literature that is accessible to the timber industry in the Philippines,

A knowledge of the different sectors that make up the Philippine timber industry and

An ability to deliver to a deadline.

The successful candidates will work closely with CFIP members and the wider industry to produce a Guidebook that members find practical, useful and accessible - they will need to communicate and listen to feedback. They need to demonstrate how they will get information from a broad cross-section of the industry and show that they have experience in supporting industry members meet international trade requirements.

Please submit your resume directly at or Deadline for submission is on or before 1 June 2018.

Call for Application: Philippine National Consultant to Support Wood Sector Study

As part of the goal to increase access of Philippine wood products to the world market the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines is supported by the UN FAO to improve the capacity of the sector to meet international Due Diligence requirements. As part of this process we are looking for a national consultant to participate in a team to prepare and finalize a "Due Diligence" Guidebook. The successful candidate will:

-Have a strong understanding of the the national legal framework covering the timber sector, from harvesting, transport, processing and import/export of timber based products,

-Have a strong understanding of how national agencies such as FMB and DENR operate, collect data and monitor the timber sector

-Have a strong understanding of international requirements for legal verification, specifically the EUTR legislation,

-Have a working knowledge of Chain-of-Custody and timber auditing procedures,

The assignment will be part-time over the next 6 months. CFIP and the FAO would encourage both female and male candidates to apply on or before 1 June 2018Please submit your resume directly at or


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