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Philippine Furniture

In the Global market for furniture, the Philippines is touted to be the Milan of Asia. The unparalleled design and craftsmanship of locally-manufactured furniture pieces have earned for Philippine furniture a prime spot in the world market.

The Philippine furniture industry continues to be one of the country’s highest export sales earners. Based on the latest statistical figures, the industry posted a 4.7% growth in export sales for the 3rd quarter of 2007 the same period in 2006.

This can be accredited to the continued international recognition for excellence in product design and craftsmanship as well as creativity and innovation in the application of materials.

From humble beginnings, the industry has grown to be the vibrant contributor to the economy that it is. 

It continues to make an impact in this highly competitive market by selling premium quality furniture to the world's middle to high-end furniture markets.

The reality of an increasingly global market is not lost on the industry. Not only is competition from our neighboring countries getting stiff, the industry is also experiencing problems with the flow of its raw materials, as well as a drain in its competency skill base. Despite these, however, prospects for our industry remain good.

Hand-in-hand with the growing niche market is our manufacturers' strong orientation towards the customer. As such, customization and "after-sales services" could easily be developed to form part of a "product package." There is also an abundance of marketing platforms through which the industry and its products may be presented here and overseas. In this manner, our manufacturers would not only be able to keep old buyers but, more importantly, attract new ones - - a crucial ingredient to the survival of our industry.
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